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Here is a quick overview of some of the features and functions of the Leltek LeSONO App.


Download app
Connect the probe with app
Improving the quality of Wi-Fi connection

Exam Info

Review exams without connecting the probe
Download worklist
Edit patient information
Review exams with connecting the probe
Export images and videos
Export report
Export images to DICOM server

Scanning Controls

Adjusting depth
Adjusting gain
Adjusting frequency
Changing image orientation
Adjusting freeze timer
Using zoom
Capturing images in instant
Capturing cineloops in instant
Changing and customizing the preset
Adding annotations
Using body mark
Using measurement
Measuring the bladder volume
Comparing the images with dual screen
Calculating the gestational age
Measuring in OB early
Measuring in OB mid late
Measuring the cardiac in B mode
Measuring the cardiac in M mode
Measuring the hip joint
Saving images
Making videos
End exam

Mode Controls

Adjusting TGC in B mode
Adjusting focus in B mode
Controlling M mode
The measurement in M mode
Adjusting ROI in C and PD mode
Controlling Pre PW mode
Controlling PW mode
The measurement in PW mode