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(A) What should I prepare before going to the hospital to set up DICOM communication for the first time?
Ans: Please confirm the following list with the hospital IT office when setting up the DICOM server:

(1) Is the DICOM/PACS uploaded in the hospital in a wired or wireless way?

a. If it is wired connection, the iPad needs to prepare another cable for lighting (or USB-C) to ethernet, and assist in setting the network settings of the Ethernet network on the day of handover
b. If wireless, generally do not need to do anything. Connect to the wireless network AP in the hospital to upload files.

(2) Does the hospital need to record the Mac address of the iPad so to allow connection and upload files to PACS server in the hospital? If necessary, the mac address of the iPad shall better be prior provided to the IT office.

With on-site PACS sourcer/manufacturer

(1) Ask the PACS manufacturer to provide IP, Port, AE Title and other setting PACS information
(2) If necessary, ask to set the encoding of the device to ISO_IR_192 (UTF-8 encoding format) to support Chinese display.
(3) Open the LeSONO App, set the communication protocol according to our in-App tutorial. Download the worklist and upload the DICOM file for test.

How to find quick guide
DICOM support

(B) Fail to initialize when fetching Worklist?
Ans: Please confirm the following:

(1) Please assure the network is connected to the Wi-Fi of the hospital.
(2) Is the DICOM Worklist server setting correct?
(3) If above are correct, please ping this device IP from the IT office to see if the intranet is valid connected. If the intranet is same, the Worklist shall be retrieved correctly.

(C) When retrieving the Worklist, the initialization has been successful. However, retrieving does not work well with the query condition (e.g. Today’s exams)?
Ans: Confirm the following:

(1) Please confirm whether the scheduled exam have been completed. If it is completed, it cannot be carried out by query.
(2) If (1) is no, please confirm whether the Modality is set correctly, the default is “US” and it must be checked.
(3) If not above two, please ask the PACS manufacturer to see if the commands of PACS server in the background are received, and check whether the query conditions are valid.

(D) When setting the Worklist, what does the column “Include StationName in DICOM Tag” mean?
Ans: In some cases, usually based on the hospital’s IT policy, the [StationName] Tag in DICOM file is required. Set the machine name for this probe to ensure that the uploaded DICOM file comes from this probe. If so, you need to tick this item and fill in The StatinName assigned to this probe.

(E) Why the patient information downloaded by Worklist is garbled (or sometimes crashes)?
Ans: This means that the encoding format set by the PACS system for this ultrasound is not UTF-8 format (ie ISO_IR 192), please set the encoding format to “ISO_IR 192” by the PACS manufacturer.

(F) Why did the upload DICOM initialization fail?
Ans: The trouble shooting method is same as (B).

(G) When uploading a DICOM file, the initialization and upload progress are shown as complete. But I find it on PACS, why?
Ans: If the app shows that the upload is successful but the file cannot be found with DICOM Viewer of the PACS, please ask the PACS manufacturer or IT office to use background command and try analyzing the Tag fields of the DICOM file to assure there’s no fields are missing or not compliant.