[Glossary] M mode measurement

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Ventricle Measure

  • LVIDd : Left ventricular internal diameter end diastole
  • LVIDs: Left ventricular internal diameter end systole
  • EDV: End diastolic volume, amount of blood in the ventricle during diastole
  • ESV: End systolic volume, amount of blood in ventricle after systole
  • EDV Index: End-diastolic volume index, referred to as EDV corrected for BSA
    • = EDV / BSA
  • ESV Index: End- systolic volume index
    • = ESV / BSA
  • SV: Stroke volume, volume of blood pumped from the heart in one cycle of diastole and systole, is affected by Preload, contractility and Afterload
    • = EDV – ESV
  • CO: Cardiac output, quantity of blood pumped per minute through the aorta and into the peripheral circulation, is proportional to (Arterial pressure / Total peripheral resistance)
    • = SV * HR
  • EF: Ejection fraction, reflects the percentage of blood ejected from the ventricle
    • = SV / EDV * 100%
  • FS: Fractional shortening
    • = (LVIDd – LVIDs) / LVIDd * 100%
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