LU300 for Vet.

The wireless ultrasound scanner for animals

Micro Convex

Disclaimer: The color may be different due to regional availability.

Frequency bandwidth 4.0 - 8.5 MHz
Depth 12 cm
Radius of curvature 15 mm
Field of view 100゜
Clinical Applications Small canine, Medium canine, Feline, Porcine, Ovine, Bovine, Mouse, Rabbit
Display mode B mode, M mode, Color Doppler*, Power Doppler*, Pulsed Wave*
Dimensions 194 × 74 × 40 mm
Weight 340 g




Support IEEE 802.11 b/g Hands-Free experience

Full Function

B mode, M mode, Color Doppler, Power Doppler and Pulse-Wave are ready.


More than 4 hours continuously use experience!

Quality Ultrasound Images

With our algorism, LeSONO LU300 series can provide high quality and reliable ultrasound images.